Chinese na-ejegharị

      The Chinese Lantern Festival also referred as the "Ye You(Night Walk)" event in China which was originally designed to coexist with nature and minimize impact on the surrounding environment is celebrated on the 15th day of the first Chinese lunar month, and traditionally ends at the Chinese New Year period.During Chinese New Year, families go out to watch the beautiful lanterns and light ornaments, crafted by Chinese artisans. Each lanterns tells a legend, or symbolizes an ancient Chinese folktale.In addition to illuminated decorations, shows, performances, food, drinks and children’s activities are frequently offered, turning any visit into an unforgettable experience.

na-ejegharị Festival      Ma ugbu a,  lantern festival not are just hold in china but exhibited in UK,USA,Canda,Singapore,Korea and so one of China’s traditional folk activities, the lantern festival is famous for its ingenious design, fine manufacturing which enrichs local people’s cultural life,spread happiness and strengthen family reunion and build up positive attitude to life.the lantern festival bụ ụzọ magburu onwe ya iji mekwuo mmekọrịta ọdịbendị n'etiti mba ndị ọzọ na China, mee ka ọbụbụenyi dị n'etiti ndị mba abụọ ahụ sikwuo ike. light festival

    Magnificent lantern displays are built on-site by our artisans normally, using a variety of materials including silk and chinaware. All of our lanterns are then illuminated by environmentally-friendly and cost-effective LED lights. The famous pagoda is made of thousands of ceramic plates, spoons, saucers and cups knotted together by hand – always a visitor favorite.Nnukwu Size na-ejegharị Nlụpụta 副本      On the other hand,because of more and more overseas lantern festival projects,we start to manufacture most part of lanterns in our factory and then send few staff to asemble them on site(some huge size lanterns are still manufacture on site also).ịgbado ọkụ ígwè Ọdịdị 副本

Shap ịgụta Steel Structure site ịgbado ọkụ ukwu oriọna buble n'ime 副本Bundle Engery Saving Lamp Insidemama ákwà na nchara Ọdịdị 副本Glue Diverse Fabric on The Steel Structureaka na nkọwa 副本Artist Painting Before Loading

      Na-ejegharị na-egosiputa na-incredibly zuru ezu na a chọrọ nnọọ wuru, na ụfọdụ lanterns dị ka nnukwu dị 20 mita ogologo na 100 mita n'ogologo. A nnukwu-ọnụ ọgụgụ na-eme ememme na-ha ziri ezi ma na-abịaru nkezi nke 150,000 ka 200,000 ndị ọbịa nke afọ niile n'oge ha residency.

Video nke na-ejegharị Festival