Our animatronic dinosaurs are high lifelike appearance, flexible movements, multi-function, vivid sounds, realistic color, durable and reasonable price which are applicable to amusement park, adventure park,Jurassic theme park, natural history museum, science and technology museum, shopping mall, city square, resort, cinema, golf course etc.. 

     Walking with our dinosaurs, you will have amazing jurassic experience which you never been met. All Dinosaur Exhibits with lifelike roaring sound and movements make visitors enter real Dinosaur World.

     We can manufacture any size and type of dinosaur according to client’s requirement. With the amazing Animatronic Dinosaur, you also experience Jurassic Park, not only watch movie. With business development, more customized interactive dinosaur exhibits is available.

      Поред тога, распоред дизајн, постројења украса и Дино играчка понуда етц.ис доступан у нашем сервису након продаје ......

Како Производимо Аниматрониц Диносаурс恐龙 钢架 1

Заваривање челичне конструкције Аниматрониц Диносаур

      We make mechanical design for every dinosaur before the production to make them have a good frame and ensure they can operate without any frictions, so that dinosaur can have long service life.Повежите Сви мотори и скулптура, текстура Рад на хигх денсити фоам

Повежите Сви мотори и скулптура, текстура Рад на хигх денсити фоам

     High density foam ensure the model more meticulous. Professional carving masters have more than 10 years experience. Perfect dinosaur body proportions absolutely based on dinosaur skeleton and scientific data. Show visitors realistic and lifelike dinosaurs.Скинг-калемљење мазањем Силицоне

 Скинг-калемљење мазањем Силицоне

     Painting master can paint dinosaurs according to customer’s requirement. Each dinosaur will also be continuous operated testing one day before shipping.

Завршио Аниматрониц Дино Он Сите

Завршио Аниматрониц Дино Он Сите