Заштита ауторских права

      Haitian company pays high attention to its works' quality and innovation.It has set up a number of influential lantern art works: the creating and implementing of one, two, three, four generations' modern light sculpture which inaugurated the perfect connection between traditional lanterns and modern light source , inaugurating the conception of "theme lantern" which creating the industry benchmark of the precisely revivification of lanterns design, starting the manufacture of "neoclassical" lantern which driving the lantern art to an unprecedented degree in the choreography area.

цопи ригхт 1 水印Део Ауторска права задржана Десигнс

      Haitian Culture has been focusing on intellectual property protection and copyright declaration since its establishment and has developed a series of copyright protection institutions, such as " management rule of copyright protection ", "management rule of copyright application" and so on. 

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Део Ауторска права задржана Десигнс

      By the end of 2015, Haitian Culture has declared 108 copyright works. In 2016, Haitian Culture strengthened the efforts on copyright declaration and arranged dedicated person which is responsible for copyright declaration. it declared 236 copyright works in 2016 and it's a great achievement compared with previous years. There are 344 copyrights reserved works till the end of 2016.цопи одговарајуће сертификате

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