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      Haitian Culture (stock code:870359),the unique quoted corporation, which comes from Zigong city, the well-known hometown of lantern festivals. At present, Haitian Culture has cooperated with famous international businesses and brought these spectacular lantern festivals to over 40 countries and regions such as USA, Canada,Netherland,Poland,Lithuania,UK,France,Italy,New Zealand, Japan and Singapore,etc. We have provided this great family-friendly entertainments to hundreds of millions people all over the world.

      During the 20 years' development,Haitian Culture has earned the great prestige of high standards quality in our events and products. This quality earns a reputation from our partners and clients. Haitian is always proud to work with companies such as Disney,Hello Kitty,The World Carnival, Coca Cola, China Central Television, and other international companies to promote their influence force through our lantern festivals.Ми смо синсерели у потрази за више партнера држати ове велике Лантерн фествиалс и да обезбеди више радостан ноћ у свом граду.


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