Light Sculpture

    Light sculpture is one main form of the lanterns in the lantern festival, different from the lanterns manufactured in metal frame with LED bulbs inside and colorful fabrics on the surface. The light sculpture is simpler which the rope lights are often bonded on the outline of different shape of metal frame without the lights inside. This kind of lights is often used in the park, zoo, street together with normal Chinese lanterns during many festivals. Various colors of LED string light, LED tube, LED strip and neon tube are the main materials of light sculpture.


    However, it does not mean the light sculpture can not be customized in any figures. Based on the Chinese lantern workmanship, the metal frame of the light sculpture can still be 2D or 3D.CVFNXXOMW9I03PR$ZONZ{IP

2D Light Sculpturelighting (4)

3D Light Sculpture