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      As one of the story-telling event,lantern festival features grand scale,exquisitely fabrication,ingenious conception,perfect integration of lanterns,landscape and unique raw materials.Different characters could be manufactured based on different themes and cultures.From ideation to execution,our departments specialized in cultural, historical and system design and have a team of professional project managers and producers who can guide the whole process.We are glad to provide the event from image to alive for thrilling,surprising,and amazing audiences.


      Lanterns are one of the intangible culture heritage.They are completely handmade and labor costing items.The crafting of high standard lanterns does not just depend on the artisit but also the full production time.To fully understand the lantern festival work schedule is necessary to make an successful event.


Lory Luo
Board Member and Vice President

Binting Tang
Head of International Department

Suzie Zhong
International  Business Manager

Chuan Lin
International Project Director

Faye Zhang
International Project Manager

Sean Sun
International Business Manager

Jason Hao Regional Manager, U.S. and Asia Pacific

Jason Hao
Regional Manager U.S. and Asia Pacific

Maggie Zeng International Project Manager

Maggie Zeng
International Project Manager

Grace Xu
Logistic Manager


Yaojia Yang
Art Director