• Lantern House

    The lantern house is one of the popular interactive activities in one lantern festival.Lantern house is one place where the kids can come up with their imginations and show their painting abilities when drawing any figures on these small lanterns.it is not just one way to practise kid's operation ability but also spread the traditional lantern workmanship to the youth.

  • Chinese Craft Market

    In one chinese lantern festival,it is not just the exhibitions of various lanterns.we also try the best to bring more chinoseries to local audience.chinese craft merchandise are very popular all the time.they are economical and good stuff for memories.

  • Chinese Cultural Performances

    The lantern festival not just includes magnificent lantern displays but also live performances.Chinese art performances are representative of China's long history and rich culture. lantern festival as one form of culture exchage,some of our most popular performance include live acrobatics,Sichuan opera face, fire performances, and more are staged in the lantern festivals.

  • Animatronic Dinosaur Exhibition

    Animatronic dinosaur is one of the presentatives in Zigong.these life like prehistoric figures can finish many movments such as eye blink,mouth open and close,head to neck left to right,stomach breath and so on synchronise with sound effects.these moveable monsters are another attracdtion in one lantern festival and it is one of visitors' favorites also.


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