• Live Performance

    The lantern festival does not only include magnificent lantern displays but also many live performances.Those performances are one of the main attraction besides the lanterns which can provide the excellent tour experience to visitors. The most popular performances include acrobatics,sichuan opera,fire performances, and more others.

  • Various Booth

    It is not just an exhibitions of fanstastic lanterns. many food,beverage,souvenir booth are also available in this event.cup of warm drinks are always at your hand in the cold winter night.especially some lights merchandise are favorable.To have them will give people an even more wonderful night experience.

  • Interactive Lights Zone

    Different from the normal lanterns,the interactive lights are aim to bring the visitor more interesting experience.By pat,treading,audio interactive menthod with these lights,people will feel more immersed in the festival especially the kids.For example,the "Magic Bulbs"coming from the led tube will instantly break into clean smog when people touch it while at the same time those light objects rounds them will echo with the music,making the whole enviroment vivid and beautiful.People who participate in such interactive systems will experience the feedback from the real world or like VR devices so to bring them a meaningfull and educative night.

  • Lantern Booth

    The lantern is a booth and the booth is a lantern.Lantern booth is one of the most popular place in the whole festival.It is a place where you can purchase many souvenirs and kids can use their imagination and creativity to show their painting skills when draw on small lanterns.

  • Animatronic Dinosaur Exhibition

    Animatronic dinosaur is one of the presentatives in Zigong.These prehistoric creatures can finish many movements such as eye blink,mouth open and close,head move the left or right,stomach breathe and so on whiile synchronise with sound effects.These moveable monsters are always popular attraction to the visitors,mostly the favorite one.


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