The lantern–a masterpiece of design and craftsmanship that is as stunning during the day as it is at night

    Lantern is one of the intangible cultural heritage artwork in China. It is completely hand-made from the design, lofting, shaping, wiring and fabrics treating by artists based on the designs. This workmanship enables any 2D or 3D proposal could be manufactured very well in the lantern’s method. 

fairyland clock lantern 1

Image View(Demo)

    The lanterns are featured with its various size, large scales and high 3D similarity of the design. Therefore, it is the key to apply the quality control into the whole process including the designing, construction drawing, manufacture and installation. As to the manufacture, we have the the best artists and PM team to focus on the whole process of lantern festival project for ensuring perfectly similarity of designs. 

fairyland clock lantern 2

Landscape at Daytime(Demo)

    Hence, the lanterns turn into the temporary lantern displays in the venue at daytime. Moreover, it provides the extraordinary view experience during the daytime and night time when lit up. 

fairyland clock lantern 3

Night View after Illuminated(Demo)

Post time: Apr-21-2023