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1.How you manufacture the lanterns?
      Lots of materials are used in the lantern manufacture.normally we weld the steel structre into the shap we need,and knot the led lights on the structure,finally paste the color fabrics on the surface.

2.How long it takes to run one lantern festival?
      It normally takes 40 days to make lanterns in Zigong and another 25 days for continuous lantern fabrication and installation. 50-90 days for lantern festival is considered reasonable. It takes 5-10 days for demolition.

3.How long these lanterns can be exhibited?
      The lantern festival last 2 or 3 months normally,but it can last at most 6 months.

4.what you can do if  you want to hold this event each year?
      The lanterns are famous of its clear theme,distinctive form,exquisite technique and grand could be manufactured in different shape and we will deisgn different lanterns for you each year and bring the visitors different experience.

5.How you run the overseas lantern festival?
      Once the lantern desings confirmed,we will make the lanterns in our factory and transport them to the host venue and install there.around 8 staffs will stay for the mainteannce during the exhibitions.

6.What kind of cooperation mode you provide?
      We not just sell the lanterns products to you,but we are glad to invest the lantern festival jointly,bear the cost together and share the benefits in proportion with you if the assessment of possibilities is approved by us.

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