lux Roman

      Et hoc genus saepe est luminaria in parco, saepti ferarum in lucernis multis Seres non platea luminaria festives.colorful duce filum duxerit fistula, quae tuba pelagus materiae educuntur habena et Neo luminis ornamentum, non sunt traditional sed Lumina artificialia modern technology products quod potest installed in working terminata est.scultpure lux lucis (IV) [I]

      However,lighting decoration is the most common used parts in one chinese lantern festival.and we not just use these modern Led products directly but combine them with the traditonal lantern workmanship,that's what we called light sculpture in lantern festival industry. simplely we made 2D or 3D steel structure in any figures we need, and bundle the lights on the edge of the steel to shape it.visitors can figure out what's it when it lights.

scultpure lux lucis (I) [I]scultpure lux lucis (III) [I]