Indoor Lanterns

    Due to the needs of business and cultural development, more and more decorations are held on various occasions. The design of the hall largely determines the overall effect and impact. Under the development of lighting art decoration, indoor design form is more rich and diverse, the form becomes more and more, fusion elements are more and more. Lighting art decoration can be seen everywhere like mall, restaurants, clothing stores, pavilion, theater etc.. This fully conveys the theme and significance of the exhibition hall and brings viewers profound and interesting experience at the same time.
indoor mall decoration副本    Art lighting decoration is different from ordinary lighting device. Ordinary lighting device mainly plays the role of space lighting and light foil, but the art lighting decoration has sculpture artistry and lighting artistry quality, and uses the aesthetic creation of sound, light and electricity. Light has the three main characteristics of intensity, color and atmosphere, so that the lighting art decoration have incomparable and distinctive artistic characteristics relative to other art forms. Art lighting decoration is a form of the combination of technology and art. It upgrades the traditional lighting and perfectly reflects the effect of lighting and visual intelligence.
mall lantern decoration副本