Canada Seasky International Light Show

      The Seasky Light Show was open to public at 18,Nov,2021 and it will last to the end of the Feburary, is the first time that this kind of lantern festival show in Niagara Falls. Comparing to the tradtional Niagara Falls winter festival of light, the Seasky light show is a completely different tour experience with over 600 pieces 100% hand-made 3D displays in the 1.2KM trip.
niagara falls  light show[1]canada lantern festival[1]      15 workers spent 2000 hours in venue to renew all the displays and especially used Canada standard electronics for conformig to the local electricity standard which is the first time in the lantern industry history.
seasky internation light show[1] seasky light show (1)[1]

Post time: Jan-25-2022