Romania Chinese Lantern Festival

      Photo taken on June 23, 2019 shows the Zigong Lantern Exhibition “20 Legends” at ASTRA Village Museum in Sibiu, Romania. The Lantern Exhibition is the main event of the “Chinese season” launched at this year’s Sibiu International Theater Festival, to mark the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Romania.




      At the opening ceremony, the Chinese Ambassador to Romania Jiang Yu gave a high appraisal of the event: “The colorful lantern exhibition not only brought a new experience to the local people, but also brought more exhibition of Chinese traditional skills and culture. I hope that the Chinese colorful lanterns are not only lighting up a museum, but also the friendship of China and Romania, the hope of building a great future together”.



      The Sibiu Lantern festival is the first time that Chinese lanterns are lit in Romania. It is also another new position for Haitian Lanterns, following Russia and Saudi Arabia. Romania is a country one of the ” The Belt and Road Initiative” countries, and also the key project of “The Belt and Road Initiative” of national cultural industry and tourism industry.

Below is the short video of the last day of FITS 2019 from the inauguration ceremony of the Chinese Lantern Festival, in ASTRA Museum.




Post time: Jul-12-2019