What You Need to Stage One Lantern Festival

      The three elements that must be conformed to stage a lantern festival.

      1.The option of venue and time

      Zoos and botanical gardens are the priorities for lantern shows. The next is public green areas and followed by large sized gymnasiums (exhibition halls). The proper venue size could be 20,000-80,000 square meters. The best time should be scheduled conforming to important local festivals or large sized public events. Blooming spring and cool summer could be proper seasons to organize lantern festivals.

      2.Issues should be taken into consideration if the lantern site is suitable for lantern festival:

      (1)Population ranges: population of the city and of the surrounding cities;

      (2)The wage and consumption leve of local cities.

      (3)Traffic condition:distance to surrounding cities, public transportation and parking space;

      (4)Venue condition at present: ①visitor’s flow rate each year ②any existing recreational facilities and related areas;

      (5)Venue facilities: ①size of area; ②length of the fence; ③population capacity; ④road width; ⑤natural landscape; ⑥any sightseeing circuits; ⑦any fire control facilities or safe access; ⑧if accessible for large crane for lantern installation;

      (6)Weather condition during the event, ①how many rainy days ②extreme weather conditions

      (7)Supporting facilities: ①enough power supply, ②thorough toilet sewage; ③available sites for lantern construction, ③office and accommodation for Chinese employees, ④assigned manager by the agency/company to take over such work as security, fire control and electronics appliances management. 

      3. Option of partners

      Lantern festival is a type of comprehensive cultural and trade event containing fabrication and installation. The concerned affairs are considerable complicated. Therefore, the potential partners should possess the ability of strong unification organization, economic strength and correspondent human resources.

      We are looking forward to building long term partnership with host venues like amusement parks, zoos and parks who own the existing and perfect management system, good economic strength and social relationships.

What You Need to Stage One Lantern Festival. (3)

Post time: Aug-18-2017
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