Features and Advantages of Lantern Festival

      Lantern festival features grand scale, exquisitely fabrication, perfect integration of lanterns and landscape and unique raw materials. The lanterns made of china wares, bamboo strips, silk worm cocoons, disc plates and glass bottles make lantern festival unique.different characters could be manufactured based on different themes.
multi thems[1]

      Lantern festival is not just the exhibition of the lanterns but also introduce such performances as facial change, a unique skill in Sichuan opera, Tibetan singing and dancing, Shaolin Kung Fu and acrobatics performance.special crafts and souvenirs from China and the local products could be sold as well. 

arious activities1[1]

      The cosponsor will be befitted in both social effect and economic returns. Frequent publicity of lantern festival are certainly to raise the cosponsor’s fame and social position. it draws 150000 to 200000 visitors whith averaged 2 or 3 months exhibition.the ticket revenues, advertising revenue, donations if it happens, and the booth rental will make good returns.

great income in short time[1]


Post time: Oct-13-2017
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