Same One Chinese Lantern,Lighten Up Holland

      On February 21, 2018, “Same One Chinese Lantern,Lighten Up the world” was held in Utrecht, the Netherlands, during which a series of activities were held to celebrate the Chinese New Year.WeChat_1521529271      Activity is “Same One Chinese Lantern,Lighten Up the world” in Sichuan Shining Lanterns Slik-Road Culture Communication Co.LTD, Zigong Haitian Culture Co., LTD. Jointly launched a series of activities and undertake the joy of the Spring Festival. This activity is to go out and call for response culture, with “Chinese lantern” as an important cultural symbol to the world, further enhance the profound friendship of Chinese around the world, promote the communication of Chinese culture abroad.
      The embassy charge d’affaires Chinese Chen Ribiao in Holland, Vanbek, governor of province of Utrecht Niuhai Yin City Mayor Barker Huges with light produced by the Haitian culture design, representative of spring blessing Zodiac dog lantern”.WeChat_1521529282      “Same One Chinese Lantern,Lighten Up the world” as a happy Spring Festival series of activities, not only brought Chinese New Year blessing to the people everywhere, Local Chinese and community groups actively participated in the event, and the event was filled with a sea of joy. The local mainstream media reported on the activity.WeChat_1521529293

Post time: Mar-20-2018
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