Lanterns in Bad Weather

      The safety is the priority issue which need to be considered before planing one lantern festival in some countires and religions. our clients worry about this problem very much if it is the first for them to stage this event there. they comment that it is quite windy,rainy here and snow sometime. are these lanterns safe under this kind of weather?
lantern under snow 1[1]

      On one hand these lanterns exhibits every year in lots of place where the weather are extremely bad.on the other hand,this kind of lantern festival were staged since 1964 in Zigong.the workmanship,the installation methods and other details you concered were updated continually. all electrics,modeling,insllation are matured. except the basic fixation on the basement,we often use the steel wind ropes and aside steel supports to fix the large size lanterns.
fixed lantern[1]      All electrical parts used will follow the native saving Led bulbs, waterproof bulb holders are the basic requirment in the lantern manufacture,especially the bulb holders must be heads up.qualified electrician and rich experienced artist are the main menbers of our team for guaranteeing the safe of one event.
lantern under snow 3[1]

lantern covered by snow
lantern under snow 2[1]lighten up lantern under snow

Post time: Jan-15-2018
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