• 2022 WMSP Lantern Festival
    Post time: 11-15-2022

         The Lantern Festival comes back to WMSP with bigger and incredible displays this year which will start from 11 November 2022 to 8 January 2023. With over forty light groupings all with a flora and fauna theme, over 1,000 individual lanterns will light up the Park making a fantastic family ev...Citește mai mult »

  • Haitian Culture Awarded in 2022 China International Fair for Trade in Services
    Post time: 09-05-2022

         2022 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) are held at China National Convention Center and Shougang Park from August 31 to September 5. CIFTIS is the first state-level global comprehensive fair for trade in services, serving as an exhibition window, communication platform ...Citește mai mult »

  • Why to Hold a Lantern Festival as an Attraction in Your Field
    Post time: 07-28-2022

         When sun goes down every night, lighting up tears away darkness and guides people forward. ‘Light does more than create a festival mood, light brings hope!’ -from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 2020 Christmas speech. In recent years, Lantern festival has drawn a big attention to people al...Citește mai mult »

  • Tangshan Theme Park Wonderful Night Light Show
    Post time: 07-19-2022

         During this summer holiday, the ‘Fantasy Forest Wonderful Night’ light show is being held in China Tangshan Shadow Play Theme Park. It is truly indeed that lantern festival not only can be celebrated in winter, but also will be enjoyed in summer days.      A crowd of amazing animals join in...Citește mai mult »

  • Great Chinese Lantern World
    Post time: 04-18-2022

          Let's meet in the unique SILK,LANTERN & MAGIC entertainment park in Tenerife!       Light sculptures park in Europe, There are almost 800 colorful lantern figures which diverse from a 40 meters long dragon to amazing fantasy creatures, horses, mushrooms, flowers…       Entertainment f...Citește mai mult »

  • Ouwehands Dierenpark Magic Forest Light Night
    Post time: 03-11-2022

          The China light festival since 2018 in Ouwehandz Dierenpark came back after the cancellation in 2020 and postpone in the end of 2021. this light festival starts in the end of January and will last to the end of the March.       Different from the traditional Chinese themed lanterns in the l...Citește mai mult »

  • Canada Seasky International Light Show
    Post time: 01-25-2022

          The Seasky Light Show was open to public at 18 Nov. 2021 and it will last to the end of the Feburary 2022. It is the first time that this kind of lantern festival show in Niagara Falls. Comparing to the traditional Niagara Falls winter festival of light, the Seasky light show is a completel...Citește mai mult »

  • WMSP Lantern Festival in UK
    Post time: 01-05-2022

         The first WMSP lantern festival which presented by West Midland Safari Park and Haitian Culture was open to the public from 22 Oct. 2021 to 5 Dec. 2021. it is the first time that this kind of light festival was held in WMSP but it is the second site that this travel exhibition travels in the...Citește mai mult »

  • IV Lantern Festival in the Wonderful Country
    Post time: 12-31-2021

         The fourth lantern festival in wonderful country came back to Pakruojo Dvaras this November of 2021 and will last to 16 January 2022 with more enchanted displays. It was a great pity that this event can not be fully presented to all our loved visitors because of the lockdown in 2021.     The...Citește mai mult »

  • 11th edition of the Global Eventex Awards
    Post time: 05-11-2021

         We are so proud of our partner who co-produced the Lightopia light festival with us receive 5 Gold and 3 Silver awards on the 11th edition of the Global Eventex Awards including Grand Prix Gold for Best Agency. All winners have been chosen among a total of 561 entries from 37 countries from ...Citește mai mult »

  • Țara Minunilor în Lituania
    Ora postării: 30.04.2021

        Despite corona virus situation, the third lantern festival in Lithuania were still co-produced by Haitian and our partner in 2020. It is believed that there is an urgent need to bring light to life and the virus will eventually be defeated.     Haitian team have overcome unimaginable difficul...Citește mai mult »

  • 2020 Călătorie fermecată a luminii la colecția Thursday
    Ora postării: 01-01-2021

         The Thursford Collection was established in the 1970s by a local businessman, George Cushing. Over the years, Cushing has established an impressive collection of various machinery, steam engines, steam organs, and fairground rides that are still in operation.      The immersive enchanted jou...Citește mai mult »

  • Iluminare de iarnă la Yorkshire Wildlife Park
    Timp de postare: 12-23-2020

        With the end of the national lockdown on December 2, this year's York Lantern Festival was approved by the various departments of public health and local government at the last minute. It continued under the highest level of prevention and control in the UK. The overseas team of Haitian cultu...Citește mai mult »

  • Festivalul felinarelor gigantice chinezești din Parcul Savitsky din Odesa Ucraina
    Ora postării: 07-09-2020

        On 25th June local time, the 2020 Exhibition of Giant Chinese Lantern festival has returned to Odessa, Savitsky Park ,Ukraine in this Summer after the Pandemic Covid-19, which has won the hearts of millions of Ukrainians. Those Giant Chinese culture lanterns were made of natural silk and led ...Citește mai mult »

  • S-a redeschis cel de-al 26-lea Festival Internațional Zigong Dinosaur Lantern
    Ora postării: 18.05.2020

        The 26th Zigong International Dinosaur Lantern Festival re-opened on April 30 in the southwestern Chinese city of Zigong. Locals have passed down the tradition of lantern shows during Spring Festival from the Tang (618-907) and Ming (1368-1644) dynasties. It has been...Citește mai mult »

  • Primul „Festival China” din Moscova care sărbătorește cea de-a 70-a aniversare a RPC
    Ora postării: 21.04.2020

        From September 13 to 15, 2019, in order to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the foundation of people's Republic of China and the friendship between China and Russia, at the initiative of the Russian Far East Institute, the Chinese Embassy in Russia, the Rus...Citește mai mult »

  • Studenții sărbătoresc Anul Nou Chinezesc la Centrul John F. Kennedy
    Ora postării: 21.04.2020

         WASHINGTON, Feb. 11 (Xinhua) -- Hundreds of Chinese and American students performed traditional Chinese music, folk songs and dances at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts here on Monday evening to celebrate the Spring Festival, or the Chinese Lunar N...Citește mai mult »

  • Eveniment cu lanterne naturale la Parcul King Abdullah Riyadh, Arabia Saudită
    Ora postării: 20-04-2020

         Started in June 2019, Haitian Culture has successfully introduced those lanterns to the second largest city in Saudi Arabia--Jeddah, and now to its capital city, Riyadh.This night walk event has become one of the most popular outdoor activity in this forbidden islam...Citește mai mult »

    Ora postării: 10-08-2019

    https://www.haitianlanterns.com/uploads/Dubai-Garden-Glow-Grand-Opening-Ceremony-for-Dubai-Garden-Glow-Season-5-_-Facebook-fbdown.net_.mp4 Dubai Glow Gardens este o grădină tematică orientată spre familie, cea mai mare din lume și oferă o perspectivă unică asupra mediului și a lumii din jur ...Citește mai mult »

  • Spectacolul Festivalului Lanternelor de Mijloc de Toamnă din Vietnam
    Ora postării: 30.09.2019

          For prompting the real estate industry and attract more customers and audience in Hanoi Vietnam, the No. 1 real estate enterprise in Vietnam cooperated with Haitian Culture in designing and manufacturing 17 groups Japanese lanterns at the opening ceremony of Middle Autumn Lantern Festival S...Citește mai mult »

  • Festivalul Lanternelor din Sankt Petersburg
    Ora postării: 06-06-2019

         On August 16 local time, residents of St. Petersburg come to Coastal Victory Park to take a leisurely time and walk as usual, and they find that the park they were already familiar with had changed its appearance. Twenty-six groups of colorful lanterns from Zigong Haitan Culture Co., Ltd. Of...Citește mai mult »

  • Glow Park din Jeddah, Arabia Saudită
    Ora postării: 17-07-2019

          Glow park presented by Zigong Haitian opened in the coastal park of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia during the Jeddah Season. This is the first park illuminated by the Chinese lanterns from Haitian In Saudi Arabia.      30 groups of colorful lanterns added a bright color to the night sky in Jeddah. W...Citește mai mult »

  • Lanternă din cultura haitiană Zigong strălucind în Rusia
    Ora postării: 13.05.2019

         On the 26 April, the lantern festival from Haitian Culture officially appeared in the Kaliningrad, Russia. An incredible exhibition of large-scale light installations takes place every evening in the “Sculpture Park” of Kant Island!      Festival of Giant Chinese Lanterns lives its unusual ...Citește mai mult »

  • „Premiile globale panda gigant 2018 ″ și„ Festivalul de lumină preferat ”
    Ora postării: 14.03.2019

          În timpul Premiilor Globale Panda Giant, incinta Pandasia uriașă panda de la grădina zoologică Ouwehands a fost declarată cea mai frumoasă de acest gen din lume. Experții Panda și fanii din întreaga lume și-au putut vota voturile în perioada 18 ianuarie 2019 - 10 februarie 2019, iar grădina zoologică Ouwehands a ocupat primul loc ...Citește mai mult »