• Great Lotus Flower Lantern Blossoms On the Changhong Exhibit Booth In CES
    Post time: Oct-11-2022

         Held annually in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, the International Consumer Electronics Show(CES as abbreviation) gathers the top technology products from world-famous companies like Changhong, Google, Kodak, TCL, Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo, Skyworth, HP, Toshiba all over the world. CES sets the ...E heluhelu hou aku »

  • Lantern Scenery Decoration for Prada Fall/Winter 2022 Show
    Post time: Sep-29-2022

         In August, Prada presents the Fall/Winter 2022 women’s and men’s collections in a single fashion show at the Prince Jun’s Mansion in Beijing. The cast of this shows features some renowned Chinese actors, idols and supermodels. Four hundred of guests from different fields expert in music, mo...E heluhelu hou aku »

  • Illuminated Lantern Installation “Moon Story” in Hong Kong Victoria Park
    Post time: Sep-12-2022

         There will be a lantern festival held in Hong Kong every Mid-Autumn Festival. It is a traditional activity for Hong Kong citizens and Chinese people all over the world to watch and enjoy the mid-autumn lantern festival. For Celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Establishment of the HKSA...E heluhelu hou aku »

  • Emmen China Light in Netherlands
    Post time: Feb-25-2022

          12 years ago the China Light Festival was presented in the Resenpark, Emmen, Netherland. and now the new edition China Light came back to Resenpark again which will last from the 28 January to 27 March 2022.       This light festival was originally scheduled in the end of 2020 while unfort...E heluhelu hou aku »

  • 2021 Lightopia Light Festival Manchester
    Post time: Dec-25-2021

          Last year, the 2020 Lightopia light festival presented by us and our partner received 5 Gold and 3 Silver awards on the 11th edition of the Global Eventex Awards which encourages us to be creative to bring more spectacular event and best experience to visitors.     This year, many weird lan...E heluhelu hou aku »

  • Hōʻikeʻike puka aniani o 2020 Macy
    Ka manawa o ka manawa: Dec-31-2020

        Macy's announced their annual holiday window theme on Nov.23, 2020, along with details for the company's seasonal plans.The windows with the theme “Give, Love, Believe.”are a tribute to the city’s frontline workers who have worked tirelessly throughout the coronavirus pandemic.      There are...E heluhelu hou aku »

  • Hāʻawi kahi moʻomeheu Haitian Culture i ka Festival Festival ma Manchester Heaton Park
    Ka manawa o ka manawa: Dec-24-2020

        Under Greater Manchester's Tier 3 restrictions and after a successful debut in 2019, Lightopia Festival has proved popular again this year. It becomes the only largest outdoor event during Christmas. Where a wide range of restriction measures are still being implemented in response to the ne...E heluhelu hou aku »

  • Ke kukui Kalikimaka ma Mozart's Coffee Texas US
    Ka manawa Post: ʻAp-20-2020

         With the hard work of Chinese craftsmen @Haitian Culture Co.,Ltd.the lights are coming on November 21st - January 5th. Every evening starting at 6 and going until 11PM. Closed Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. Open Christmas Eve until 10 pm. open daily 7am to midnight...E heluhelu hou aku »

  • ʻĀina Lantern Pākē ʻo Romania
    Ka manawa Post: Jul-12-2019

          Photo taken on June 23, 2019 shows the Zigong Lantern Exhibition "20 Legends" at ASTRA Village Museum in Sibiu, Romania. The Lantern Exhibition is the main event of the "Chinese season" launched at this year's Sibiu International Theater Festival, to mark the 70th anniversary of the establi...E heluhelu hou aku »

  • Disney Kahauanu Festival
    Ka manawa Post: Sep-27-2017

         For prompting the Disney culture in China market. The vice president of Walt Disney in Asia Area, Mr Ken Chaplin said that it must bring new experience to audience through expressing the Disney culture by traditional Chinese lantern festival in the opening ceremony of  colorful Disney on Apr...E heluhelu hou aku »

  • Mākou ipukukui hui ma Lyon Festival o Lights
    Ka manawa Post: Sep-26-2017

          Lyon festival of lights is one of the eight beautiful light festivals in the world. It is the perfect integration of modern and tradition which attracts four millions attendees each year.       It is the second year that we have worked with the committee of Lyon festival of lights. This tim...E heluhelu hou aku »

  • Hello Kitty Theme Kahauanu Festival
    Ka manawa Post: Sep-26-2017

         Hello Kitty is one of the most famous cartoon character in Japan. It is not just popular in Asia but also loved by fans all around the world. It is the first time to use Hello Kitty as the theme in the lantern festival in the world.      However, as the hello kitty's figure is so impressed...E heluhelu hou aku »

  • Hoʻonui ka Lanterns i ka hele ʻana o ka Park ma Off-Season ma Iapana
    Ka manawa Post: Sep-26-2017

          It is very common issues that many parks have the high season and off season especially in the place where the climate varies a lot such as the water park, zoo and so on. The visitors will stay inside house during the off season, and some water parks are even closed in winter. However, man...E heluhelu hou aku »

  • Hoʻopiʻi nā Lanterns Kina i nā malihini kipa ma Seoul
    Ka manawa Post: Sep-20-2017

          Chinese Lanterns are very popular in Korea not just because that there are too many ethnic Chinese but also because Seoul is one city where various cultures get togethers. No matter modern Led lighting decoration or traditional Chinese lanterns are staged there annually.   E heluhelu hou aku »

  • Pāʻina ipukukui ma Penang
    Ka manawa Post: Sep-10-2017

          Watching these bright lanterns are always pleased activities for ethnic Chinese. It is one good opportunity for families united. Cartoon lanterns are always the favorites for kids. The most impressive thing is that you can see these figures which you may see them on TV before. E heluhelu hou aku »

  • Mascot Pāʻani Pālani Hana Lantern
    Ka manawa Post: ʻAuk-31-2017

          In the evening of the Sep.6, 2006, 2 years count down time of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games opening ceremony. Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games's mascot was uncovered its appearance which expressed the auspicious and blessing to the world.       This mascot is one lovely cow which featured th...E heluhelu hou aku »

  • ʻO Safari Lantern Safari ma ka Māla Kina
    Ka manawa o ka manawa: Aug-25-2017

          The Singapore Chinese garden is a place which combines the magnificence of  traditional Chinese royal garden with the elegance of garden on the yangtze delta.       Lantern safari is the theme of this lantern event. On the contrary to stage these docile and cute animals as these exhibition...E heluhelu hou aku »

  • ʻO nā kukui kukui Haitian ma luna o Manchester
    Ka manawa o ka manawa: Aug-25-2017

           UK Art Lantern Festival is the very first event in the UK that celebrates the Chinese Lantern Festival. The lanterns symbolize to let go of the past year and blessing people in the next year. The purpose of the Festival is to spread the blessing not only within China, but also the people i...E heluhelu hou aku »

  • Milan Kahauanu Festival
    Ka manawa Post: ʻAuk-14-2017

          The first "Chinese Lantern Festival" which held by Sichuan province department of committee and Italy Monza government, manufactured by Haitian Culture Co.,Ltd. was staged on Sep.30, 2015 to Jan.30, 2016.       After almost 6 month's preparation, 32 groups lanterns which include 60 meters l...E heluhelu hou aku »

  • Ke kilokilo Kahauanu Festival In Paminahama
    Ka manawa Post: ʻAuk-14-2017

          The Magical Lantern Festival is the largest lantern festival in Europe, an outdoor event, a festival of light and illumination celebrating Chinese New Year. The festival makes its UK Premiere at Chiswick House & Gardens, London from 3rd February till 6th March 2016. And now Magical Lant...E heluhelu hou aku »

  • Lantern Festival in Auckland
    Ka manawa Post: ʻAuk-14-2017

         In order to celebrate the traditional Chinese Lantern Festival, the Auckland City Council has collaborate with the Asia New Zealand Foundation to hod the "New Zealand Auckland Lantern Festival" each year. The"New Zealand Auckland Lantern Festival" has became an important part of the celebrat...E heluhelu hou aku »