Indoor Lantern Festival

indoor lantern festival[1]
The indoor lantern festival is not very common in the lantern industry. as the outdoor zoo,botanical garden,amusement park and so on are built with pool,landscape,lawn,trees and many decoations.they can match the lanterns very well. however the indoor exhibition hall has the height limit with empty it is not the first priority of lantern venue.
indoor lantern festival1[1]      But the indoor hall is the only option in some extremely weather area.if so,we need to do some changes of the way to organise the lanterns.these lanterns are far away from the visitors in the tradtional lantern festival.the visitors can not go accross into the lanterns even not touch them. however,it is possible in the indoor lantern festival.the visitors will enter into one whole lanterns world,everything is bigger than normal.the lanterns are not exhibits any more,they are the walls,the house where you live,the forest you are experiencing.just like the Alice In Wonder.

indoor lantern festival 2[1]

Post time: Dec-15-2017
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